It's important to have a handle on your income and expenses, to plan and best manage your business. 

can help perform bookkeeping services, and get you professional financial statements.  Using your business bank and credit card statements, I can help you better understand how your business is doing.  I can help you build a budget and review variances throught the year. 

Do your internal accounting systems and software need improvement ?  I have expertise in Quickbooks and Sage Peachtree Accounting software, among others, and can analyze and pin point areas for improvement, making those processes more efficient.

Is your business scheduled for an audit?  I can help you get prepared for that. 

A new accounting system needed? I'll insure the proper chart of accounts and checks and balances are established. 

Number crunching for projects, sales performance or planning - I can assist you to get your information sorted to help you make important decisions.  

Bookkeeping and Financial Systems