ORGANIZING YOUR TAX INFO                      

Pulling your tax information together is always a challenge.  Some suggestions include:

* Order a transcript from the IRS  - search for 'get transcript' - to get your wage, tax and IRS account activity

* Review your bank and credit card statements for transactions that may be tax deductible

* Use my Income Tax Planner / Organizer (just above)  - it includes a list of tax related questions, and forms to help you organize your W-2 Income, Other Income and Adjustments, Interest and Dividend Income, Itemized Deductions, Capital Gains and Losses, Business Income and Expenses, Office in the Home Deduction, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, Rental Real Estate and Royalties, and Foreign Earned Income. 

* Go through your daytimer or on-line calendar for notes regarding events that may  affect your taxes

* Use one of our handy spreadsheet tools to help you organize your data, below: 

Whether you need individual or business income taxes, I can help you compile your information and prepare an accurate and timely return, for prior years, amended and all 50 states.  I can help you Respond to IRS and State taxing authority letters too ~ I have over 30 years of experience, and  have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.  Any changes in your life or business, such as purchasing property, change of marital status, or employment type (employee vs. independent contractor?)  I can help you navigate these changes as they affect your income taxes. Did you know that the IRS estimates the average person will spend 26 hours to prepare their income tax returns?  Let me save you time and money by preparing them for you. 

Instructions on how to get your tax information to me and a checklist of documents and information: 

My tax intake form collects data I need to prepare your taxes ~ include this with your documents:   individual                                                                                      and business 

* If you have a small business, this spreadsheet of tools will help you organize your income, expenses, assets and liabilities and home office expenses for tax preparation: 

* If you own a rental property, this spreadsheet will help you track your income and expenses:

* If you work for a US company overseas, this spreadsheet will help you organize your dates and places:

Your income tax information is important and private, and will be handled securely in my offices. I provide FREE electronic filing of your tax return - the safest and fastest way to get your tax information to the IRS and your state.  I encourage my clients to take advantage of the IRS direct deposit of refunds, the fastest and best way for those monies to get to you.   I use professional tax preparation software ~ Taxwise, a CCH product.  I use software that automatically encrypts and password protects your data, and allows you to transmit your documents safely.  Keeping your data safe is one of my highest priorities.  I can help reduce your tax liability and comply with the new tax laws.   Visit my tax tips page for up-to-date tax details. 

You'll find below some forms, spreadsheets, and checklists to help you put your information together and get it to me :